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Strategies to Amass Tons of Traffic through Viral Marketing

Posted by Alan Liew | 11:22 AM

Viral marketing isn't just for online businesses to gain attention but also anyone who run a website or blog to make money online can consider using viral marketing to generate profitable traffic for their site.

Because it relies mainly on word of mouth, it isn't quite as expensive as many other internet marketing strategies nor is it quite as difficult to maintain. Viral marketing counts on consumers' testimonials and ability to influence their friends and family. If you like what you have to offer, they will refer you to people they know and this makes them your advertisers at no cost. This type of marketing strategy has proven to be among the most effective ones in bring in tons of income for online businesses and it can be done in many different ways. Among them are through articles, freeware, newsletters, and videos.

1) Articles

Using articles for viral marketing can be done in many different ways. Captivating articles that spark intrigue and interest within a certain niche can be submitted to article directories or blogs. Publishing them in platforms that allow comments are best as they provide an avenue for people to participate. Allowing people to easily share the article through social bookmarking and social networking sites as well as through email would also be a big help in viral marketing through articles.

2) Freeware

Come up with a tool that is relevant to your target market and distribute it for free. You can make this yourself or hire a programmer to do so. It could be a utility or even a simple game. No matter what it is, be sure you brand it for your online business and allow it to drive traffic to your website. Software directories will accept your freeware and put it out for distribution. You can also encourage its users to share it by adding a send function. Traffic to your site will surely boom with this viral marketing tactic.

3) Newsletters

Compose and distribute informative newsletters that will encourage readers to forward your emails to their friends and relatives. This will help you attract more people without additional costs or effort. It will also lead to more potential buyers and even more website traffic.

4) Videos

Publishing videos can be very effective for viral marketing because people simply enjoy watching them. If you come up with an entertaining or informative video that is relevant to your target market, you can easily gain tons of attention.

Although viral marketing can be very effective for online businesses, you must keep in mind that it can also harm the reputation of your company. Word of mouth is something you cannot control and it would be up to you to make sure that you don't get negative feedback. You can do this by simply making sure that you deliver what you promise and sell only products of high quality. Never underestimate small details and always strive for perfection. Once your online business has been liked by several buyers, you are off to a bigger and better market.

Smart Money through Blogging!

Posted by Alan Liew | 2:08 PM

Want to work smartly? Want to make money without breaking a sweat? Want to enjoy having a fortune from the comfort of your home? Than of course making money from blogs is the right option for you. Sit home, use your talent, engage your mind and reproduce something efficient which everyone would like to read. Blogging effectively doesn’t require much hard work but it does require persistence.

If you’re a business entrepreneur or have an urge to write than all that you have to do, is to have a blog of your own. Your blog can be of any type, it can be an informational blog, personal blog, and business blog, a blog focusing around poetry or art or even a blog revolving around your hobbies. You can write about anything on this planet and if by chance you’re an extra-terrestrial than about the galaxy or life on mars. Well, all you have to do is choose a center point of your blog around which you should focus. Your posts for instance should revolve around your main area of concern, now that can be anything from technology to gardening. You can cater multiple passions of yours in just one blog.

Now to make money, some things should be kept in mind;

• You should know what you’re writing about,
• Most importantly have a flagship blog and be active in your blogosphere,
• Write about anything which you think would interest your audience,
• Use keywords in your posts which would easily be found through search engines,
• Concentrate on one topic at a time,
• Make sure that you have endless knowledge on the topic you choose,
• Write in short paragraphs,
• Your blog should be informative and it can be challenging too.

Apart from the above mentioned points there are some very basic principles which you should know. Your blog should be unique and anything you write should be original. Your blog is a reflection of your own personality; therefore, it should reflect honesty, integrity, individuality and versatility. If your blog encompasses around all these things than congratulations you’re on your way to success.

You might be sarcastically judging my interpretations of making money through an honest blog but let me tell you how things work. The more unique and original your topic is, the more people would visit your blog and the more traffic you get, companies might give you advertisements to post on your blog. You can even write reviews and give your opinion, like this many renowned companies would hire you for writing articles for them or who knows your blog may be sold out to one of the internet tycoons if you keep your standards up.

Conclusion; no matter what you do and no matter what sort of emotions overcome you, you should keep on writing. Keep your spirits up and weigh your morals. With your writing skills being practiced daily, you can even write on trivial topics and make them interesting. To sum it up, all depends on you.

Guest post by D'rifin

To make money online is a job that not many people can effort to master. One of the big obstacles of making money online is the competitor. There are too little places but yet so many people are trying to compete for the same thing.

Now days, most people are using search engine such as Google and Yahoo as their source of information. It is like wearing a shirt or walking. And to make the search engine work effectively, keyword is needed. Keywords are playing a major role when people looking for an information on search engine. That is why keyword is very important to the webmaster.

However, there is million of webmasters are concentrating on similar keyword such as make money online and it is very difficult for small webmaster like me to compete. This does not mean that the opportunity is closed.

One thing that small webmaster can do to increase their online revenue is to optimize their keyword. Select a keyword that less used by webmaster but still searchable by people. Google Adwords Keyword analyzer tool is one of the best tools to select for best suit keyword for your blog or website. For example, the most popular keyword for make money online is ‘make money online’ itself. Instead of concentrate on most popular keyword we can use less popular but still bringing traffics such as ‘making online money’ or ‘online make money’.

Hopefully this information could benefit the reader of this blog. Good Luck.

Author Bio:
The editor of Follow my journey to make money online and start to make money for yourself.

The Internet, also known as the “Cyber Media” or the “New Media” is one of the most powerful tools discovered by science – and is a blessing to mankind. It has the ability to compete with the other forms of media in terms of speed, space and simplicity. Internet possesses the unique characteristic of bringing the world news at our fingertips just with the help of a click. It provides us an ocean of information through the various search engines like the Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia etc. Last but not the least the Internet generates enormous revenue through several advertising endorsements.

The social networking sites in Internet (Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Youtube etc) play a significant role in marketing various goods and services. These social networking sites are an excellent pathway of connecting millions of people throughout the world. People are able to contact and interact with one another which generate greater awareness. Thus several advertising endorsements posted in these sites will attract the attention of consumers than the ads posted in other websites. A number of people come across ads posted in Orkut like matrimonial websites advertisements, car ads, etc.

Advertisements can be animated graphics, motion pictures or still images – their main aim is to grab customer attention, subsequently get them to buy your product or service so that you make money.

Like the other social networking sites, “Twitter” is another place with the help of which brand recognition can be built. Unlike other social media marketing (SMM), twitter is much simpler, easier, and faster. Moreover, twitter offers several advantages too.

Firstly, sending e-mails to people individually is time consuming. Instead of wasting time and energy doing that, one can just post all company alerts here. Customers are updated on the latest alerts as soon as they login to twitter – just at a glance.

Secondly sales can be increased by offering discounts on twitter. Customers can be motivated to join twitter by offering special discounts unique to twitter. It goes a long way in capturing the interest of people.

Thirdly, a sense of fraternity is created through the use of twitter. The customers should be made to feel special through the access to all kinds of information related to the company – so that they feel that they are part of the same family and a sense of oneness is promoted.

Fourthly, target customer of a definite product can be located and approached by knowing about themselves through their profiles on twitter.

Lastly, twitter is an essential tool for doing market research for any business. With the aid of “search function”, we can observe the feedback and opinions of customers.

Thus we see that Internet (especially the social networking sites like twitter) is emerging as shrewd advertising medium in the twenty-first century. Online advertisements have helped people to make their choice and selection of goods of miscellaneous uses. It is boosting consumerism among people and raising aspirations of the people and their standard of living. Internet has proven its persuasive power in influencing human behavior time and again through different advertising endorsements.

Internet marketing is not an easy task. You will have to strike a balance between providing things to your subscriber list and making a profit. If you give too much out for free, you will find it harder to make a sale. If you promote to your list too often, people will begin to see you as desperate to make a sale. Find that all-important balance and watch your profits soar.

Guest post by Albert Fang

Websites are now commonly becoming the fundamental stones to making a living online, however, choosing a niche can be rather difficult when starting out your first web page. However, here, I have listed simple informative reminders that you can easily follow step by step to first and lastly, discover a niche that you can both financially benefit wallet wise and be interested to write about it as well. Choosing a niche should be your core decision and not some random Google AdSense keyword that is telling you otherwise.

1) Like What You Write

Simply, "like what you write" is a simple phrase that I tell most website owners and Bloggers to follow because if your not all that passionate about your niche, your most likely to fail before even starting! Writing shouldn't be labor, but rather something you enjoy sharing to the world and be able to make money off it. Don't let keyword tools put you down. If you like to write about dating or romance, good stick with it because in the end, you can be making more with the niche you like than writing about house loans, lawyers, all that boring stuff. I'll show you how.

2) Do it For Your Readers

At first your first objective maybe to create a web page to make money with sales, and affiliates, however, in the end, you will soon realize that your readers is the core of your website. Treat your readers with respective and provide valuable information directed to them, and not shove 50 affiliates in their faces. Build a relationship with them and build trust from the bottom up. You will be making way more money that way, and it creates a nicer reader atmosphere as well.

3) Google Adsense Isn't Everything

Most often when you go through famous webmaster forums like Digital Point, you hear people yapping about how much they got for every click because they choose a great niche, such as loans, but in most cases, they don't know a single thing about the topic nor are they very passionate about the niche, and they end up quitting anyhow. In simple words, there are other methods to making money than just Google Adsense. There are plenty of methods for monetizing your website such as affiliate networks, CPM networks, and etc. For instance, dating, there are hundreds of affiliates that are willing to pay up to $10-$30 per referral. Compare that to those puny $1-$2 loan clicks that you only get every other week.

Simply, if you are passionate about what you write, and you are good at what you do, you will be endeavoring to making a new sustainable income with a niche that you are both passionate about, and can provide you another stream of income to fit your financial needs. Online money making is the future, and you can be making an effort now by and choosing a niche that you love writing about and even earn money off it. Just put a little bit of effort to it, and you can be making a sustainable income online in no time.

Author Bio:
Albert Fang is the owner of MoolaDays. He passionately emphasizes on the ways to make money online and plans to make the effort to educate the world about money making. Feel free to visit his blog and learn how to make money online with any site in general.